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Boult Audio AirBassFreePods Bluetooth Headset Review

Boult Audio AirBassFreePods Bluetooth Headset                                                 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase. [One Button Control & Voice Assistant] With one multifunction button, you can play/pause, previous/next track and answer/hang-up calls. Voice assistant function lets you access Siri/Google Assistant. [Auto pairing ] Automatically pair with your device as soon as you take them out of the case. No need to manually pair to your device each time. [Passive Noise Canceling] These Truly Wireless earbuds can block out most of the surrounding noises. You will be out of the street noise and get into the fantastic world of music with the sound quality. Offers playback time of up to 5.5 hours for every charge. Carrying case can give 4 additional charges to the earbuds making total play-time of up to 20 hours. [Monopod Feature] The earbuds can be used separately after successful pairing. Not only listening to both earbuds in stereo mod

boAt 235v2 Fast Charging Bluetooth Headset

boAt 235v2 Fast Charging Bluetooth Headset Unboxing boAt Rockerz 235V2 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 to offer you a seamless wireless experience  The Fast Charging technology ensures that you get 4 hours of charge in just 20 minutes while charging  IPX5 rated shield for protection against sweat and water lets you be carefree while you enjoy music  Its 10mm dynamic drivers pump out enthralling auditory experience  The ergonomically built wireless headset has a secure adaptive design that comes with magnetic ear tips Playback time of 8 hours lets you delve deeper while you Plug Into Nirvana with Rockerz 235V2  It is equipped with easy access integrated controls with one press Voice Assistant  The headset offers call vibration alert to the users for a superior hands-free experience. If your Budget is Under 1000 Rs then this is the best deal. Just Low and Mid is Not that great as High-end headset But you will love it if you love bass in the headset.

MIUI 12 Indian stable version update OTA

MIUI 12 OTA Stable version ROM Update Today The Xiaomi or Redmi Mobiles are receiving updates through OTA Updates To Update Your device you can do the following things. For Automatically Update the Go To   Settings 🠚 About phone 🠚 System update 🠚 Check Updates For Manual Update   Just Press  MIUI 12 ROM  and Select your mobile model and Download the Rom. Then go to  Settings 🠚 About phone 🠚 System update 🠚 Press On 10 times on MIUI 11 Logo. You will now enable Advance Mode for Installing the Rom go to the Folder In which you have Download the Rom and Press Update Reboot.              Enjoy the latest Miui 12 Indian stable rom 😃😃😃.

10 most Linux termax centos redhat basic commands for Beginners

Linux  Termax Centos Redhat basic commands  you should know as a Beginner Today I will tell you the easiest way and most useful basic Linux commands. Open The Terminal by pressing CTRL + ALT + T, SHIFT + CTRL + N or by Clicking Application → Favourites → Terminal How to check in which Directory or Folder you are pwd           (Printing current working Directory) ls               (List containing File and Folder) ls -l            (List with File and Folder Details) ls -lah        (List with File and Folder Structure) cd              (Used for navigation) cd ..           (Back to the previous Directory) cd /             (Back to root Directory) rm              (Remove File) rmdir          (Remove Directory) rm -r           (Remove the empty file/folder) mkdir          (Make New Directory) cp                (copy) mv               (move file/folder) touch           (make new file) nano            (Text Editor)  vim              (Text Editor) cat                (Concatenate

How to change Mac Address of any Laptop or PC TMAC 2020

Mac Address changing Software for windows    To hide the Mac address of your Laptop or Pc is a little bit tricky. But I will tell you the easiest way to change the Mac Address of your Laptop or PC  WiFi Adapter.  As you know that the Mac address of the WiFi Adapter is unique for all the devices such as laptop, mobile or any device connected to the internet. To change the Mac Address of your Laptop & Pc follow the steps below. Step 1:  Download   TMAC  Software. ( Click on Tmac) Step 2:  Install the Tmac software. Step 3: Now click on Random MAC Address or select from drop-down option and click on Change Now . You can also type your mac address in the Random Mac address and save it on  Change Now . It is done your Mac address is permanently changed till you have not formatted the system or change to Restore Default. Step 4: To Restore your default mac address just click on Restore Default button it will change automatically to factory default mac address. 

Free Video Editing Software Blender 2D and 3D

Free Video Editing Software Blender There are many Video Editing Software in the market some are paid while some are free video editing software today I will show you the most features enable opensource software.  The term opensource indicate that the software is made up by a group of people to give their creativity free so that anyone can use the software which has no license and anyone can use it. BLENDER From video cutting and splicing to major complex tasks like video masking, there is so much one can do with Blender Video Editing Software. The software comes with a built-in video editor. Blender, mostly known for animations, is a non-linear video editing application that is available in all stable versions of Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. It is packed with many features. Comes with full-fledged built-in compositor that lessens down the need to export third party programs. Extensive modelling tool-set capable of re-topology, sculpting, curves and modelling. A

MSEDCL Electricity Bill Scam on Lock down

Maharashtra Electricity Bill Scam on Lockdown. Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) On June made a scam of giving high bills to the customer, not only to HT but also LT customer who is a residential customer the customer whose last March, April and May bill of 2019 was not above 600 ₹  but they have paid the same amount of bill in March, April and May Bill on average of 500 ₹-580₹  because due to COVID MSEDCL was not able to take a reading but on June they have taken reading without any reading photos they have charged the customer 4 times they get a bill for 4200 ₹. And without any proof, they say the reading is correct and the amount the customer paid in March, April and May is also not deducted from the June bill. They have made bill so arduous that the common person would not get the deduction calculation. Not only that as we see in Mumbai that the everyday price of petrol rises 0.50 paise to 1 ₹. There are around lakhs of customer wh

How to make bootable pendrive

How to make bootable Pendrive - windows 10 bootable Pendrive To Make a bootable Pendrive we required Rufus software and any operating system ISO file for demonstration we have used windows 10 file. Step 1: Download the Rufus Software from the link   Rufus  and Run it Step 2: Download the Operating System ISO file. Step 3: Open the Rufus application and Plug the Pendrive at least 8 GB or more than that. Step 4: Now Click on Select and go to the path in which you have downloaded the ISO file and select it. Step 5: Now choose the partition scheme which you previously used for formatting so that you don't have to wipe the whole disk and you can only partition the C: drive. Step 6: To Check the partition scheme just right click on This PC or my computer and select Manage then click on Disk Management and Right-click on Disk 0 properties in that click on Volumes and check partition Style.                             Step 7:  Target system by default it will be UEFI but i

Covid -19 latest Vaccine Dexamethasone passed by WHO

COVID -19 latest Vaccine Dexamethasone passed by WHO With global coronavirus cases crossing the 8 million mark, the need for an anti-COVID-19  vaccine becomes more urgent. Drug-makers and experts across the world are ramping up efforts to arrive at the potential vaccine against Covid-19. From experimental drug remdesivir making strides to generic steroid drug dexamethasone emerging as the first Covid-19 drug, the race to developing the antidote to Covid-19 is getting more interesting by the day. It Shows a significant result to ventilated patients also to cure the patients. There is significant global media attention on the spread of Coronavirus, which has led to justifiable consumer concern about the risks from COVID-19 and an ‘Infodemic’. Fears about the risks from this outbreak, and the scale of the public health challenge, have resulted in a significant increase in people seeking information about what to do to protect and prevent the virus. Consumers are searching