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MSEDCL Electricity Bill Scam on Lock down

Maharashtra Electricity Bill Scam on Lockdown. Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) On June made a scam of giving high bills to the customer, not only to HT but also LT customer who is a residential customer the customer whose last March, April and May bill of 2019 was not above 600 ₹  but they have paid the same amount of bill in March, April and May Bill on average of 500 ₹-580₹  because due to COVID MSEDCL was not able to take a reading but on June they have taken reading without any reading photos they have charged the customer 4 times they get a bill for 4200 ₹. And without any proof, they say the reading is correct and the amount the customer paid in March, April and May is also not deducted from the June bill. They have made bill so arduous that the common person would not get the deduction calculation. Not only that as we see in Mumbai that the everyday price of petrol rises 0.50 paise to 1 ₹. There are around lakhs of customer wh

Covid -19 latest Vaccine Dexamethasone passed by WHO

COVID -19 latest Vaccine Dexamethasone passed by WHO With global coronavirus cases crossing the 8 million mark, the need for an anti-COVID-19  vaccine becomes more urgent. Drug-makers and experts across the world are ramping up efforts to arrive at the potential vaccine against Covid-19. From experimental drug remdesivir making strides to generic steroid drug dexamethasone emerging as the first Covid-19 drug, the race to developing the antidote to Covid-19 is getting more interesting by the day. It Shows a significant result to ventilated patients also to cure the patients. There is significant global media attention on the spread of Coronavirus, which has led to justifiable consumer concern about the risks from COVID-19 and an ‘Infodemic’. Fears about the risks from this outbreak, and the scale of the public health challenge, have resulted in a significant increase in people seeking information about what to do to protect and prevent the virus. Consumers are searching