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MIUI 12 Indian stable version update OTA

MIUI 12 OTA Stable version ROM Update Today The Xiaomi or Redmi Mobiles are receiving updates through OTA Updates To Update Your device you can do the following things. For Automatically Update the Go To   Settings 🠚 About phone 🠚 System update 🠚 Check Updates For Manual Update   Just Press  MIUI 12 ROM  and Select your mobile model and Download the Rom. Then go to  Settings 🠚 About phone 🠚 System update 🠚 Press On 10 times on MIUI 11 Logo. You will now enable Advance Mode for Installing the Rom go to the Folder In which you have Download the Rom and Press Update Reboot.              Enjoy the latest Miui 12 Indian stable rom 😃😃😃.

10 most Linux termax centos redhat basic commands for Beginners

Linux  Termax Centos Redhat basic commands  you should know as a Beginner Today I will tell you the easiest way and most useful basic Linux commands. Open The Terminal by pressing CTRL + ALT + T, SHIFT + CTRL + N or by Clicking Application → Favourites → Terminal How to check in which Directory or Folder you are pwd           (Printing current working Directory) ls               (List containing File and Folder) ls -l            (List with File and Folder Details) ls -lah        (List with File and Folder Structure) cd              (Used for navigation) cd ..           (Back to the previous Directory) cd /             (Back to root Directory) rm              (Remove File) rmdir          (Remove Directory) rm -r           (Remove the empty file/folder) mkdir          (Make New Directory) cp                (copy) mv               (move file/folder) touch           (make new file) nano            (Text Editor)  vim              (Text Editor) cat                (Concatenate

How to change Mac Address of any Laptop or PC TMAC 2020

Mac Address changing Software for windows    To hide the Mac address of your Laptop or Pc is a little bit tricky. But I will tell you the easiest way to change the Mac Address of your Laptop or PC  WiFi Adapter.  As you know that the Mac address of the WiFi Adapter is unique for all the devices such as laptop, mobile or any device connected to the internet. To change the Mac Address of your Laptop & Pc follow the steps below. Step 1:  Download   TMAC  Software. ( Click on Tmac) Step 2:  Install the Tmac software. Step 3: Now click on Random MAC Address or select from drop-down option and click on Change Now . You can also type your mac address in the Random Mac address and save it on  Change Now . It is done your Mac address is permanently changed till you have not formatted the system or change to Restore Default. Step 4: To Restore your default mac address just click on Restore Default button it will change automatically to factory default mac address.