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How to use FoxyProxy in Mozilla Firefox for Burp Suite

How to use FoxyProxy in Mozilla Firefox for Burp Suite The foxy proxy is used to make a proxy in the browser. Foxyproxy is a browser extension that simplifies configuring proxies on browsers. It is one of the most advanced proxy switchers in the market as it has other features that other proxy switchers lack. One of the advantages of using this plugin is that the proxy setting is confined to the browser environment. Typically, when you want to configure proxies for your browser, you have to configure it from the system level, which then means that other browsers and apps have to access the Internet through the proxies you configured. Requirements  Install Mozilla Firefox Install Foxyproxy Download Mozilla and Foxyproxy and install them. After installing both the application you will see the foxy proxy icon on Top right-hand side. Step to Setup Foxy proxy for burp suite Intercept 1. Go to Options and Click on ADD 2. In Title write the name and in Proxy Type Select HTTP. 3. In Proxy IP a