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How to use FoxyProxy in Mozilla Firefox for Burp Suite

How to use FoxyProxy in Mozilla Firefox for Burp Suite The foxy proxy is used to make a proxy in the browser. Foxyproxy is a browser extension that simplifies configuring proxies on browsers. It is one of the most advanced proxy switchers in the market as it has other features that other proxy switchers lack. One of the advantages of using this plugin is that the proxy setting is confined to the browser environment. Typically, when you want to configure proxies for your browser, you have to configure it from the system level, which then means that other browsers and apps have to access the Internet through the proxies you configured. Requirements  Install Mozilla Firefox Install Foxyproxy Download Mozilla and Foxyproxy and install them. After installing both the application you will see the foxy proxy icon on Top right-hand side. Step to Setup Foxy proxy for burp suite Intercept 1. Go to Options and Click on ADD 2. In Title write the name and in Proxy Type Select HTTP. 3. In Proxy IP a

How to install Burp Suite Professional for free on Windows

How to install Burp Suite Professional for free on Windows As this is an illegal way to use Burp Suite I am not responsible for it. It is just for educational purpose information. Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. It is designed to be used by hands-on testers to support the testing process. Here we will see how you can install it for free on your Windows 7/8/10 64-bit machine. Requirements:   Java JDK   Burp Suite Pro Zip   Burp Suite Latest Version After you have downloaded both the files, follow these steps: * Run the downloaded file JDK-13.0.2_windows-x64_bin.exe and let it install. * Search environment in the Windows search bar. You will see a match for Edit the system environment variables . Open it and then click the Environment Variables button at the bottom. You will see a window containing a part like this: Under the System variables tab, click New and add the following variables: Variable name: CLASSPATH Variable valu

How to Create DNS Entry In Windows

 How to Create DNS Entry In ALL Windows A hosts file is a computer system file that maps human-friendly hostnames (domain names) to their IP address. It uses an IP address in IPv4 or IPv6 format to resolve the hostname and the browser can quickly connect to the hosting server. DNS Entry is used to specify some IP address to the Domain Name or Website By doing DNS Entry You can Prank someone by redirecting it. Following are the steps for DNS Entry. In Windows Making DNS Entry or make an entry in HOST. Go To  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc In the folder, the Hosts file will be present Right Click on it And open with Notepad as Administrator Privilege. And change the IP address which you want to give Now to check it is directed to that IP address you can Ping domain name it on CMD. If it is redirected to the same IP address you have successfully made DNS Entry in Host. And another way is to open CMD in  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc    and type command hosts type. Just go to the browse

US attacked on SYRIA

US attacked SYRIA 2021 Joe Biden Became the President of the US his Administration started strick Action against Syria. The airstrike was the first military action undertaken by the Biden administration, which in its first weeks has emphasized its intent to put more focus on the challenges posed by China, even as Mideast threats persist. Biden's decision to attack in Syria did not appear to signal an intention to widen U.S. military involvement in the region but rather to demonstrate a will to defend U.S. troops in Iraq.  He confident in the target that we went after, we know what we hit, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters flying with him from California to Washington. Speaking shortly after the airstrikes, he added, We're confident that that target was being used by the same Shia militants that conducted the strikes," referring to a Feb. 15 rocket attack in northern Iraq that killed one civilian contractor and wounded a U.S. service member and other coalition p

Redmi K40 PRO and Redmi K40 Specification

Redmi K40 PRO and Redmi K40  Specification and Launched Today Xiaomi Launched its Sub Brand Redmi K Series Premium phones Redmi K40 PRO and Redmi K40 packed with the latest technology and Processor. Redmi K40 PRO and Redmi K20 Specification The phone will be powered by the Latest Snapdragon 888 chipset, and the Redmi K40 series will be featured with 6.67-inch displays AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and dual stereo speakers for Redmi K40 PRO. The Redmi K40 PRO packed with both 5G and 4G connectivity options. The phone will also pack an advanced vibration motor for better haptic feedback. The K40 will be certified for Hi-Res Audio and will support Dolby panoramic sound. The battery will come with 33W fast-charging support and a 108 mp Camera. And the Redmi K40  will be packed with Latest Snapdragon 870 SOC Chip and 64 mp Camera Rest remain the same.

NSE Crash Will Start At 1 PM and 1.15 PM

NSE Crash on 24-02-2021  Will Start At 1 PM and 1.15 PM On 24-02-2021 From 10.30 onwards, Banknifty and Nifty Index was stopped due to technically Issue and on 11.40 Am IST All NSE (National Stock Exchange) Equity and Option was Halted. As you can see the BankNifty Was halted at 35626 at 10.30 Am Indices. Nifty Was Halted at 14820 On 11.40 Am. Due To Technical Issue Buyer And Seller Are Not able to Exist the position In NSE. But NSE Confirmed That Market Will Start At 1 PM only Indices and Normal Trading Will Start at 1.15 PM. 

NSE Crash on 24-02-2021 Losses Millions Dollars

NSE Crash on 24-02-2021 Losses Millions of Dollars On 24-02-2021 From 10.07 onwards, Banknifty and Nifty Index was stopped due to technically Issue and on 11.40 Am IST All NSE (National Stock Exchange) Equity and Option was Halted. As you can see the BankNifty Was halted at 35626 at 10.07 Am Indices. Nifty Was Halted at 14820 On 11.40 Am. Due To Technical Issue Buyer And Seller Are Not able to Exist the position and NSE not updated Still 12.30 PM and Have Not Confirmed When the market will Start. Due to this Millions of Dollars are been Lost.

One Plus 9 Specification Leak

One Plus 9 Specification Leak Recently One Plus 9 mobile Specification leaked on Benchmark Site. The new One Plus 9 is Coming with the latest Snapdragon processor  With Latest OS and Camera Updation. One Plus 9 Specification OnePlus will feature a 6.55-inch full-HD+ (1,080x2,400 pixels) display with a 402ppi pixel density and a 120Hz refresh rate. Under the hood, the phone is said to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC and Adreno 660 GPU. This variant of the OnePlus 9 is expected to come with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. OnePlus 9 is expected to come with a 12MP primary sensor and the primary camera on the back could have a 48MP primary sensor, a 48MP secondary sensor, and an 8MP tertiary sensor. It should pack a 4,500mAh battery and support 65W fast charging with a charger in the box. OnePlus 9 will support 8K recording at 30fps and wireless charging.  The phone is also supposed to come with up to 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. The OnePlus 9 may also support 30W

Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro Specification and Launch Date

Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro Specification and Launch Date Xiaomi recently confirmed that it will take the wraps off the Redmi Note 10 series in early March. It didn’t share an official launch date at the time. But today, the company has announced that the Redmi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro will be unveiled on 4th March in India. This will mark the global debut of the Redmi Note 10 series. In an official tweet sent out by the Redmi India handle, Xiaomi announced that the Redmi Note 10 series “is all set for its global debut on 4/3/2021.” The teaser reveals nothing about the two upcoming phones but there seems to be a heavy focus on the camera. The ‘O’ for Note is a camera sensor, possibly a 108MP one.  Xiaomi will unveil both 4G and 5G-enabled Redmi Note 10 devices in India. These will be the first Redmi Note devices to support 5G connectivity in the country.  Specification Redmi Note 10 will have a 120Hz LCD display. It will be yet another first for the Redmi Note series in India. It w

OBS Studio OBS display capture issues Black screen

 OBS Studio Display Capture issues showing Black Screen If you are using OBS Studio and Suddenly you find that your screen is not recording Display Capture or Recording the video and only recording audio this thread will help you solve the problem. In the above image as you can see Display is not captured so the major issue occur due to Graphic settings if you are using Laptop or having graphic card the obs studio find it difficult to select the graphic properties to solve this problem you can do following thing. Go to search and type Graphics settings. Click on Browse and Select your OBS studio with default Graphics such as intel. Click on your motherboard graphics such as Intel in above image. If you have started the OBS Studio then Close it and again Start it. It will work like a charm. Hope it was helpful to you.

Budget Strategy for 2021

 Budget Strategy for 2021 India The Budget Strategy for 2021 as the budget is been announced on 1st of February 2021 in India there is High possibility of the volatile market so to gain the profit on this Day you can use Butterfly Strategy or Hedge Strategy. Mostly as per previous Data, the market is very volatile so there is a high possibility of high losses when you only Buy or Sell. To overcome this problem you can use Butterfly strategy or Hedge Strategy. In this Strategy, you will Buy and Sell both the option as it is Monday the Teta value will not reduce very much and the time value will also reduce 1x compare to Friday.  To make a Profit on Monday you can use NIFTY 50 or Bank Nifty option ATM (At The Money) premium. As Nifty 50 is on 13634 and Bank Nifty on 30565 . You can Buy Nifty 50 Feb 13700 CE and 13700 PE at the same time on Friday 3.20 PM or Monday at 9.20 AM and For Bank Nifty you can Buy and Sell 30700/30600 CE and 30600/30500 PE the difference should be least only 15-3

GameStop Stock the real Game Changer

GameStop Stock the real Game Changer By the retailer. GameStop Corp. is an American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, United States, and is the world's largest video game retailer. The company was first founded in Dallas, Texas in 1984 as Babbage's, and took on its current name in 1999. It came into Headlines when the company was almost going to shut down and the Stock price goes Sky Rocket. As in the Chart, it was clearly showing consolidation for a long time. But GameStop’s story has become the centrepiece of global financial markets after a bunch of retail traders part of a Reddit group called WallStreetBets discovered that if they buy and hold a stock with heavy short positions, the short-sellers will be forced to run from pillar to post to cover positions. The result will be a tremendous in size short squeeze, the likes of which even Wall Street has not seen. Due to this the shares of the

How to add ads.txt in Blogger

How to add ads.txt in Blogger when you get Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact on your revenue. When you are Qualified for Adsense and you get a notification that Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue. To solve this problem Just Click On Fix Now or it will take you to the Site page. As you can See in the above image there is Download TAB just Click on that the ads.txt file will be downloaded automatically or  Click On Account  → Account Information you will get Publisher ID. Now Just Copy paste your Publisher ID in this format., pub-your ID, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Now go to the Blogger settings page → Monetisation → Custom ads.txt Copy-paste, pub-your ID, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 over there and save it. To check whether you have added ads.txt successfully you can write your it will reflect the same text in it if it fa

How to create Sub Domain with any Domain provider

  How to create Sub Domain with any Domain provider Like Go Daddy, Hostinger, BlueHost and Google Domain. In this blog, I will tell you how to create a subdomain if you buy a domain from Hostinger, GoDaddy or google domain in very easy steps. You should have Paid Domain name register it doesn't matter whether it is .com .net .in .tech you should have at least one Domain register. Which is paid one so that you will get that provider, DNS Zone. If you are using Hostinger, Go Daddy or Google Domain then Go to log in Page as for demonstration I will use Hostinger Website. Login to Hostinger or Google Domain or GoDaddy or BlueHost. After Login Click on Manage. Afterwards, click on DNS Zone. Now go to Blogger or your Hostinger and add CNAME and Points to Which would be shown in Blogger. If CNAME which you got in Blogger is Saved at Hostinger CNAME and Host Point is same it will save without any error and within few Minutes or Hour, your Subdomain is activated. Hope, you will find it easy

iPhone 12 , Iphone 12 Mini, Iphone 12 Pro and Iphone 12 Max Specfication

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max Specification and Prices. Apple has introduced its new model in October. The company has confirmed that the whole range of iPhone products in 2020 is 5G-ready, allowing you to enjoy super-fast download and browsing speeds on your phone. All four handsets feature a new design, including new colours, and there are a variety of changes to the camera on the rear, the power inside each phone and other features.  The apple Four Models iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max With all that choice, you might be wondering exactly how the four phones different. Below you'll find a comparison of the specs, design, and features of all four models, so you can see what they have in common and what they don't. We've also included pricing for all four iPhone 12 models, so you can see at a glance how much you'll have to shell out for each. iPhone 12: all you need to know iPhone 12 mini: all the facts on the small

How to Index your Blog or website in google

 How to Index your Blog or website in a google search engine in just a few Minutes To index your blog of the blogger or your website in the google search engine you can follow the following steps which Index your blog or website in a few minutes. To the intermediate who has recently started blogging in blogger or making his first website through WordPress or directly hosting it. Steps For Blogger to Index post in Google   Search Engine Whether you have blogger domain or custom paid domain you can follow the same steps. It doesn't matter whether you have or the process is the same. Step 1: Search Google webmaster and Sign in there and add a property in there add your domain name of the blogger or custom domain name in add property. Step 2: If your domain is not index then Click  URL inspection  and write down your domain. For example: or  and click on Enter or

CEH V11 vs CEH V10 Difference

 CEH V11 vs CEH V10 Latest Certification By EC-Council CEH V11 is recently introduced by EC-Council as the Latest Basic Certificate for Cyber Security As Certified Ethical Hacker V11. But many of you want to the Key difference between CEH V11 vs CEH V10. What are the changes are brought for the CEH V11?  Let's find out. CEH V11 has introduced with Adhering to their approach of thinking like a hacker, EC-Council is all set to launch the latest version of CEH: CEH v11, adding in the curriculum the latest advancements in the field of cybersecurity. Domains have been kept intact, but new segments have been introduced with the addition and removal of a few topics. The latest version will see the addition of OT Technology, Serverless Computing, WPA3 Encryption, APT, File less Malware, Web API, and Web Shell on the list. On the practical aspects, the OS used for labs includes Windows 10, Windows Server2016, Parrot Security, Windows Server2019, Android, and Ubuntu Linux. CEH V 11 will teac

Odoo ORM (Object-relational Mapping)

ORM (Object-relational Mapping) in Odoo Object relation mapping is a technique that lets you query and manipulates data from a database using an object-oriented paradigm. When talking about ORM, most people are referring to a library that implements the Object-Relational Mapping technique, hence the phrase "an ORM". In simple terms, it is also defined as in Odoo a concept or technique which acts as a bridge between your programming language and your database. The Object Relational Mapping helps to execute SQL queries without writing them explicitly. Once the ORM is configured in an application, the user can use the OOP concepts like classes and objects to interact with the database.  As the database in Odoo is in Postgresql so instead of writing query each time you can define one time. For example, here is a completely imaginary case with a pseudo-language: You have a student class, you want to retrieve all the student of which the branch is "Computer". Manually, yo